By Garðar Eyjólfsson with Hana Špendlíková

In Icelandic designer Garðar Eyjólfsson’s project Un/Inhabitable, Eyjólfsson has used design fiction, architecture and artificial intelligence, to explore a vaguely familiar yet alternative reality. This work is not meant to predict the future but to make us engage in dialogue and reflect on how we adapt and evolve in relation to the environment and technology. At the same time, it comments on narratives that are shaping the design industry today, such as innovation and sustainability. To realise Un/Inhabitable, Eyjólfsson has collaborated with the Czech architect Hana Špendlíková. Together they set up an elaborate work process with the written word, AI systems and a digital drawing machine. The result is a collection of textual predictions for future industries and images of buildings in landscapes.


Edition: 30 unique and signed art prints

Size: Closed folder Height 310, width 200mm, Open folder Height 310, width 500mm

Material: Folder is 225 gram carton, Print is on vintage 1960s stock, used by the Czech Republic railway company.

Technique: AI systems with various plug-ins, digital drawing machine and hand drawn notes and technical drawings with pen and pencil.

Year: 2023

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