Uglycute is an architecture and design office based in Stockholm. It was founded in 1999 by Markus Degerman (artist), Andreas Nobel (interior designer), Jonas Nobel (artist) and Fredrik Stenberg (architect) as a reaction to the then prevailing homogeneous design climate in Sweden. By creating furniture and interiors that questioned norms in taste, class and quality, Uglycute was a driving force in broadening and renewing the definition of design in a Scandinavian context. Since 2010, Uglycute consists of Jonas Nobel (1970) and Fredrik Stenberg (1971) who consistently continue to question and investigate the systems behind the final product and its effects on society, through theory and practice. Working on commissions from Swedish and international companies and institutions, Uglycute designs furniture, office and restaurant interiors as well as temporary pavilions, and conducts lectures and workshops. (Photo by Jenny Källman. Jonas Nobel L, Fredrik Stenberg R)

Chaise longue N°1 Odysseus
Metal table N1 Sherwood

Selected exhibitions

ArkDes Public Luxury, Stockholm 2018

Marabouparken Art Hall Uglycute solo show, Stockholm 2012

Museum of Modern Art Warsaw under construction, Warsaw 2009

5th Nordic Biennal for Contemporary Art Momentum, Moss 2009

Norrtälje Konsthall Uglycute solo show, Norrtälje 2008

Kiosk Uglycute solo show, New York 2008

Museum May 25th group show, Belgrade 2007 

Mücsarnok Kunsthalle Dreamlands Burn, Budapest 2006

Nasjonalmuseet Tingenes Tilstand, Oslo 2006 

Zanabazar Museum of Fine Art group show, Ulaanbaatar 2005 

Nationalmuseum Koncept Design, Stockholm 2005 

Crafts Council Gallery Beauty and the Beast, London 2004

La biennale di Venezia Utopia station, Venice 2003

Superstudio Più Re-Location, Milan 2003

The Living Art Museum Bevil 2, Reykjavík 2001

Galleri AGATA Uglycute solo show, Stockholm 2000

Selected interiors

Bar Ananas, Stockholm 2023

Bistro Leoparden, Stockholm 2020

Restaurant at Konstfack, University of Arts Craft and Design, Stockholm 2018

Set design for Humans of the Institution, Veem Theatre, Amsterdam 2017

Restaurang Volt, Stockholm 2017

Bistro Bananas, Stockholm 2015

Wine bar/Showroom Woodstockholm, Stockholm 2015

Bar Central Birger Jarlsgatan, Stockholm 2015

Stand design for FLOS in collaboration with Omar Sosa, Euroluce, Milan 2013

Exhibition architecture for Farmers gold, Wanås Konst, Wanås 2012

Cheap Monday head office, Stockholm 2010

Set design for Härmapan, Moderna Dansteatern, Stockholm 2008

Furniture for Kunst Halle Sankt Gallen, St.Gallen 2005 

Interior for Teater Bhopa, Gothenburg 2005 

Interior for Projekt Djurgårdsbrunn, Magasin III, Stockholm 2002

Lounge Pedagogic Pool, Moderna Museet, Stockholm 2000 

Represented in

Magasin III - Museum for Contemporary Art, Stockholm

Moderna Museet, Stockholm

Nationalmuseum - Sweden’s museum of art and design, Stockholm

Röhsska museet - Museum of Design and Craft, Gothenburg

Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art