Street Fighter 01

By Samir Alj Fält

Riots were raging in the Paris suburbs in 2005 and I felt strongly that I wanted to talk about it. How one side expresses an injustice and frustration and how it is met by the other side – a situation where stones are answered with bullets. As a designer, it was fascinating to see how ergonomically well-designed the equipment on one side was, and the resources that went into that work. So to illustrate this power relationship in an object, I saw directly in front of me a form of artillery, a cannon for paving stones on the other side. A seriousness, certainly with a kind of comical aspect in it. Like many other artists' nonviolence symbols throughout the ages, this is a symbol for a way to think and talk about 'us' and 'them'. (Photos by Jens Andersson)

Edition: Unique piece
Dimensions: Width 400, height 640, length 570mm
Materials: Steel, welded, rust coated paint
Design: 2006
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