Snowcrash (1997-2003) started as an exhibition made by a group of young Finnish architects and designers. They broke with the conventional image of Finnish design by using lightweight materials such as nylon fabric and integrating their furniture with high-tech features. Their exhibition during Salone del Mobile in Milan, 1997, made international headlines and Snowcrash was unanimously hailed as the re-inventors of Scandinavian design. Shortly after – Snowcrash was bought by the Swedish company Proventus Design based in Stockholm – which turned it into an international design company. In the 1990s, Finland and Sweden moved out of a deep recession to become the driving forces behind information technology and wireless communication companies enabled Finns and Swedes to become some of the most connected people on the planet. Unburdened by heritage, Snowcrash thrived in this environment and invented concepts for furniture which contributed to a new typology in home and office interiors. (Snowcrash logo by Mikko Männistö, 1997)