By Samir Alj Fält

Drömraketen (The Dream Rocket) is a symbol that tells the story of Design Lab S (2013-2019) in Skärholmen, it was a self initiated, free design school for children aged 9-13 and 80+ – a meeting place to be seen, heard and loved. One of the pedagogic tools that was used, was a rocket that took the children to imaginary places where they got to solve problems by designing objects. In the socioeconomic troubled suburb of Skärholmen, which is heavily segregated, this rocket served as a symbol to never stop dreaming. (Photos by Jens Andersson)

Edition: Unique pieces, Copper, Gold, Pearl, Silver
Dimensions: 630, 540, 470, 370mm
Materials: Elm wood, collected fallen branches from trees in Stockholm city parks, lathe, carved, Iridescent colours
Design: 2015
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