By Teppo Asikainen and Ilkka Terho

Chip is a rocker that originally derives from the chaise longue Netsurfer (1995), designed by Finnish architects Teppo Asikainen and Ilkka Terho. The first version of the seat was made by hand, shaping and bending layers of plywood. The seat was carefully tried and tested for an optimal ergonomic curve and the shape was designed so that a PC Tower Case could fit between the legs. In early 1996, Asikainen and Terho detached the plywood seat from Netsurfer and modified it with a rubber material underneath so it could be placed on the floor and gently rock. They named their new furniture Chip and presented it for the first time in an exhibition at the Museum of Applied Arts in Helsinki, Finland in 1996. Later Asikainen and Terho invested in a mould for the seat and it was produced by their own company Netsurfer Ltd, 1996–1998. Chip was a part of the groundbreaking exhibition Snowcrash during Salone del mobile in 1997 and between 1999–2003 it was produced by the company Snowcrash. Chip was presented in the exhibition Snowcrash 1997-2003 at Nationalmuseum in Stockholm 2021, and is a part of the collection of Nasjonalmuseet for kunst, arkitektur og design in Oslo, Norway. (Photos by Jens Andersson)

Edition: Snowcrash production 1999-2003

Condition: Near mint

Dimensions: Length 1400, width 600, height 370mm

Materials: Pressed plywood seat on polyurethane base

Weight: 6 kg

Design: 1996

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