Chaise longue N°1 Odysseus

By Uglycute

In 2022 Uglycute designed the interior for the speakeasy adjoining restaurant Bananas in Södermalm, Stockholm. The bar was clad with wooden panels sculpted and treated with plaster, lacquer and wax to mimic aged bronze. The result was an unfamiliar look, which in Uglycute's practice means that you have got it right. The same process was used to make a recliner on a metal base. In an interior design context, the chaise longue is a luxury furniture item used equally for recreation and as a sign of wealth. Through an indefinable surface, Uglycute has created a chaise longue that plays with our notions of what kind of furniture it is: in this case, an obvious piece of jewellery for the room just as much as a functional piece of furniture. (Photos by Jens Andersson)

Edition: Unique piece
Dimensions: Length 1450, width 500, height 970mm
Materials: Lacquered steel, painted pine
Design: 2023
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